Everybody is new...

...at some point. It's that first little bit that can sometimes be awkward. Who are these people? What is their sense of humor like? Do they like stuff that I like? Do they believe things similar to what I believe? Can I settle in with these people? Don't worry. We won't need liquid courage.

The short version: we meet up throughout the semester to serve people, learn from the Bible, do fun stuff, support each other, talk about life, eat meals together and connect with each other. Sometimes these things happen with just a few people, and other times it's everyone who is part of SCF.

You can see some of the things we're up to on our calendar. We'll be updating it with more events as the semester unfolds.



This is what we've all come to Ohio State to do. There's more to it than learning in the classroom though. We desire to learn from Jesus while we're here. We've learned from a lot of people about how to live, but Jesus is the one we need to learn from most.


We associate love with Jesus. We need grace from Him, and others need grace from us. Forgiveness. Blessing. Care. Compassion. Encouragement. Sacrifice. Life-giving. It's a type of death, harder than we want it to be as Jesus frees us from the tangles of pride and self-centered living to reflect his love into this world.


You'll hear about leadership all over Ohio State. At SCF we want to create good visions for the world and move toward them. We influence each other in the ways of Jesus and invite others to follow after Jesus as servants. Toward freedom. Toward life. Influence. Guide. Show the way. Prompt. Move. Create.