We are thankful for the churches and individuals who provide the funds SCF uses to operate!

SCF is an independent, not-for-profit organization and gifts given to SCF are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. We provide receipts monthly and our financial partners are added to our newsletter mailing list.

If you would like to provide for SCF's financial needs you can use any of the following five methods:


1. Paypal

Those with a Paypal account can also use the recurring donation option. 

2. Checks or Online Banking

Please address checks to "SCF" or "Student Christian Fellowship". For tax purposes please do not include the name of any staff member on the check.

Our mailing address is PO Box 8037, Columbus, OH 43201.


3. Cash

If you would like to give cash, please send us a note at talktous@scfosu.org. 


4. AmazonSmile

By shopping on Amazon using our Amazon Smile URL, 0.5% of the sales will be donated to SCF. It's an easy way to help us out. If you already have Amazon bookmarked, please consider changing the address to our link. You can read more about Amazon Smile here.

5. Gift Cards 

If you would like to provide a gift card(s) for SCF, it is best to mail them to us at SCF, PO Box 8037, Columbus, OH 43201. We will update this page when we receive the needed amount for the year. 

  1. Giant Eagle and Kroger - We often purchase food for social events and activities at these two stores.
  2. Sam's Club - We purchase most of our bulk supplies here, including plates, cups, aluminum trays, etc. 
  3. Adriaticos - Since this is a local place next to campus, the best way to provide these gift cards is to call Adriaticos at (614) 421-2300, and request that a gift card be mailed to SCF at our PO Box above (we'll let you know when we receive it!). You'd pay over the phone and then they will put it in the mail to us. An extra-large Buckeye pizza is $35, and we purchase around 12-15 of these per year.